Being in Webburn is all about learning to be a learner, and loving learning! We do our best to make sure learning is as fun as it can be and we know how valuable it is to play and to make our own choices whenever we can. That’s why “COOL TIME” is so important in our class. It stands for “Choose Our Own Learning”. In reception, children spend a great deal of time learning through play, in areas which are always available but have new and exciting enhancements added to keep them challenged and motivated. The teachers and TA’s  know that playing with the children is as crucial to learning as direct teaching - one adult is nearly always in COOL TIME with them. We call the areas our stations and our older Year 1/ 2 are experts when it comes to the stations. They enjoy their own COOL TIME when they are not doing focused adult led work  and also love the independence of tackling green, amber or red level challenges set up for them in the stations. They take total responsibility for choosing when and how to complete challenges and how to record their success by taking photos or saving work in their COOL TIME folders.


We love to get outside and we make use of our outside area, the outdoor classroom and the school grounds whenever we can, even for lessons like phonics and numeracy! Jumping along a number line down the ramp or running to find hidden words- there are so many playful ways to learn outside. We are lucky to have lots of fun open ended resources too - a mud kitchen, guttering for water ways as well as large trays for water play, a giant sand pit we can get into, a gravel area for digging, a mud kitchen….. 

We have lots of fun routines and songs in our day, from our days of the week song to our goodbye song, choosing a special helper and announcing our star of the day. Webburn is such a happy place to  be, the adults love it as much as the children do!