In Webburn, ensuring our children feel happy, valued and safe is at the heart of all we do. We strive to build warm, positive, relationships with children and their families from the very start of their transition to school. We nurture our youngest children with the highest levels of care to ensure they feel that they are included, that they matter and that they are a valued part of our special and unique school community. Our children thrive in an environment that is rich in positivity and celebration of themselves, as individuals, as well as their school achievements.  We provide open ended resources and inviting enhancements to support, develop and stimulate children’s interests and to provoke curiosity to engage in new experiences. We know children develop at different rates, so we allow them choice in how and what they play. We ensure we spend time with them inside and outside in both focussed and play based situations, so that we get to know them and help them confidently grow in all areas of their development. We strive to help children develop characteristics of effective learning by helping them take responsibility for their learning and their own actions and to learn to value and respect others. They become independent learners who are happy to support and challenge each other. We help them see positivity in learning from mistakes and grow the resilience they need to carry forward through school life.


In Webburn, we love to get outside and we make use of our outside area, the outdoor classroom and the school grounds whenever we can, even for lessons like phonics and numeracy! Jumping along a number line down the ramp or running to find hidden words- there are so many playful ways to learn outside. We are lucky to have lots of fun open-ended resources too - a mud kitchen, guttering for water ways as well as large trays for water play, a giant sand pit we can get into and a gravel area for digging and playing on the tyres. 

Being in Webburn is all about learning to be a learner, and loving learning!